How Can You Increase Your Income as A Freelance Graphic Designer?

Want to earn more money from your graphic design skills? If you want to increase your income as a freelance graphic designer, this is the right article for you to read. 

The majority of freelancers start out in graphic design as a side venture. You can modify your strategies depending on how ready you are to rely on your freelance career. Persistence, business planning, and a strong work ethic are all necessary on your journey.

Here in this article, we will see the advantages of working as a freelancer and then tell you some useful tips on how to increase your income as a freelance graphic designer.


Why Start a Freelance Career?

Choosing to work as a freelancer is indeed a brave decision. Many freelancing career available in Digital marketing, mobile app development service, graphic designing and many more. There are many ups and downs on the way ahead but there are also many advantages as well. Sometimes you need to review the positive aspects to keep yourself going on your way. Here we have put some advantages of working as a freelance graphic designer to remind you that you should go on. Let’s read. 

1. Choosing the Projects You Like

The flexibility to make your own decisions and steer your own course is one of the most tempting parts of working as a freelancer. You are the only boss that can order you. You can choose the projects and clients that best meet your interests. There will be no more forced projects with folks who do not have sufficient graphic design knowledge.

2. Working from Any Location at Any Time

Freelancers have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit. They are not confined to office desks and uncomfortable chairs and the fixed 9 to 5 time. This freedom gives you great peace of mind, allowing you to work at any time and from anywhere in the world. So, imagine working on a graphic design project while sipping your coffee in a cozy bar or relaxing on a gorgeous beach. Let’s move to the next advantage before you get too much carried away!

3. Having More Opportunities

Freelancers can contact clients regardless of where they are located, whether across the country or worldwide. This enables a person to think beyond the box and concentrate on the tasks that best reward their competence. As a result, you’ll be able to engage with a larger community while also earning more money than your office job.

4. Experimenting with Your Abilities

Another advantage of freelancing is the opportunity to truly test your abilities. This typically manifests as a desire to extend your horizons in terms of variety and to be your best self. Working in an online graphic design environment can also help you improve your AI skills because you’ll have to use AI marketing tools and apps.

How to Increase Your Income as a Freelance Graphic Designer?

Now, let’s see the ways through which you can increase your income as a freelance graphic designer. 

1. Offer Print-on-Demand Services

Upload your design and choose the products you want to print it on with print-on-demand services. The things are then created to order and dispatched directly to the consumer, leaving you to sit back and profit.

2. Run Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a way to evaluate or advocate things on your website or social media channels. This one is as simple as signing up and sprinkling links into your content and video descriptions if you already have a blog or are active on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You can create videos for YouTube and leave your affiliate program links in their captions. 

In return for doing this, you can earn money from the company or brand that you are doing affiliate marketing. You earn a commission when a consumer purchases a product through your link.

The most well-known affiliate programs are offered by major online retail marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. If you’re searching for a more specific relationship, you can also reach out to businesses in your niche.

3. Sell Graphic Templates

Custom design services are not affordable for every client. Graphic sets and pre-made templates are a tempting alternative for these purchasers, as well as a fantastic method for a graphic designer to generate some passive revenue. Also graphic design skill is one of the top selling gig on fiverr.

Pre-made design packages provide buyers with all of the components they need to give their website or marketing content a professional finish. Customized fonts can add value to a customer’s purchase. You can also sell these fonts on their own.

4. Let Your Fans Support You

As a designer, you may have supporters who don’t require your services but want to express their admiration for your work. Add a “tip jar” or similar button to your website and social media platforms to make it simple for customers to do so, especially if you frequently offer lessons or other helpful information.

5. Build a Strong Social Media Presence

If you want to lead your social media platform to engagement and sales, you must first create your online presence and network. It is also a great way to scale your website traffic by driving your social media followers to your website. Clear goals can help you develop better social media marketing strategies. In fact, using social media is one of the best ways to increase your income as a freelancer because they are free to use and have a lot of users. 

A social media content plan is one strategy to establish an online presence on social media networks. You should always keep your account up-to-date by following the latest trends from graphic design industry influencers as well as your competitors. People prefer to follow accounts that are up to date with current events. Using this method, you may engage your current audience while also attracting new ones. 

Furthermore, you should be aware that ignoring your social media comments and messages undermines your efforts to maintain your online profile. As a result, you should respond as soon as possible to the comments and messages. Try to make your captions as interactive as possible so that you receive a lot of engagement with your posts. This is how you can beat the social media algorithms and find more clients.

6. Sell Courses and Tutorials

Your professional abilities as a graphic designer can be just as lucrative as the designs themselves as a source of passive income. This can range from basic PDF instruction to a full course program complete with videos and interactive exercises. If you don’t want to charge per course, you can set a monthly membership for your course attendees.

7. Earn Royalties by Licensing Your Work

The majority of freelancers operate on a per-design basis, receiving a fixed price for each completed design. A royalty arrangement means that instead of (or in addition to) an up-front fee, you will receive a percentage of the profits made from the sale of your design, providing a source of passive revenue to the work you already produce.

Keep in mind that royalty agreements aren’t appropriate for all design work. It’s most prevalent when your artwork appears on consumer-facing items like products, labels, or packaging.

8. Create a YouTube Channel

If you already don’t know, YouTube pays its channel owners regarding the number of your subscribers, number of likes, and number of views. You can’t just upload a few videos to your channel and hope for the best.

Regularly producing fresh content, as on other social media sites, is the greatest method to build a following, so it will require some constant attention to get the most out of it. You can use some tools to download YouTube thumbnails or the best YouTube banner makers for your YouTube videos to make them even more attractive.

The more videos and subscribers you have on your YouTube channel, the more passive income you can earn. The time and effort you put into your YouTube channel will pay off soon. You can engage with followers and new clients, market your products and services, and position yourself as a graphic design expert all while making money on YouTube.


One of your key skills as a freelance graphic designer is probably inventiveness. When contemplating increasing your income, you should keep in mind that you should be creative.

If none of these suggestions feel right, use them as a jumping-off point to come up with a strategy that works for your freelance business. 

These additional revenue sources are self-sustaining once set up. If you’re selling a template, for example, you can also sell a tutorial that explains how to customize it as a “suggested add-on” on the product’s page. Any of the tips listed above could be the answer if you’re seeking a simple strategy to increase your freelancing revenue. Wish you the best of luck!

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