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We would love for you to share your knowledge. However, we are very strict with quality when it comes to content that we share with our readers.

What Topics Do We Accept?

  • Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Tips for social media marketing, tricks or hacks that are your own
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Your own experiments

The above list is not exhaustive. If you think your topic is a good choice for our blog please do send it.

What Topics Do We Reject Outright?

  • If you are talking about the same thing we have blogged then we will ignore it. You will not hear from us.
  • If you are writing about topics such as eCommerce, affiliate marketing, casino, porno, etc. you will not hear from us.
  • Marketing topics that are not directly related to social media platforms.

How to Write For Us?

You can email us the following at contributors@folwd.com

  • Send us 3 titles that you would like to write about.
  • Your bio that you want published on our site. Minor changes are acceptable later.
  • Share your existing articles that you have published somewhere.
  • How will you promote the blog post once it goes live?

Keep the subject line: I want to contribute a post

If we like your ideas we will get back to you in 2 business days.

What to Do After Acceptance

We are very strict about quality. Please go through these instructions carefully:

Content guidelines

  • We only accept content that is 2000+ words long.
  • It should be a new article and not an AI produced content that is simply a paraphrase of other articles.
  • We write in American English and we request you to do the same as most of our audience is from North America.
  • Your sentences must not be long. Try to break complex sentences into multiple sentences. It makes it easy to understand.
  • Write as if you are talking to the reader directly.
  • Use subheadings and lists where you can. It helps to break your content down into 5-8 headlines with each headline having 1-2 subheadings. Each subheading can be 150-200 words long. It helps with the flow.
  • Add images and visuals such as graphs, images, screenshots, videos, etc.
  • If you are writing a piece on analytics, the data you refer to should be preferably recent and must not be older than 6 months. If you are referring to a government dataset then it must be the most recent one. The 6 month rule does not apply if the data is not getting collected every 6 months by your source.

How Long Does the entire Affair take?

  • We will get back to you in 2 business days once we get your pitch.
  • We expect you to send your first draft within a week of acceptance.
  • Once you have gotten our feedback you have 2 days to incorporate it and send us the final version.

Can You Add Links?

  • We do not want you to add links for promotional purposes. We only want links that are highly relevant. Don’t try to retrofit a link as it will be removed or your draft may get ignored.
  • You can have 4 links in the entire guest post. They will all be no-follow.
  • You must add 3 links to our own posts that are here on followed blog.
  • We allow one do-follow link only in the author’s bio.
  • Before submitting your piece, run it for grammar,  readability and plagiarism
  • We need you to send a Google Doc link for your article. We will share our feedback there only.

What do We Need for Author Bio

  • Describe you in less than 300 words. Make it impressive.
  • Send us a headshot picture of you
  • Send us links to your social profiles.

Your Article Will Get Rejected In Following Scenarios

  • Your ultimate goal is to get backlinks from us
  • If the content is common knowledge or generic in nature
  • The same thing has been said by others
  • If the content quality is low or the style of writing keeps changing throughout the article
  • You don’t send it in time

Please note that we have the right to make these changes among others:

  • We will remove links if we find that they were there for promotional reasons
  • We may change the content for clarity and grammar

All good? Submit your article to contributors@folwd.com

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