Best memes of 2020: How Memes boom social media engagements

best memes of 2020

Engaging a good amount of the audience is the ultimate goal of every brand. It helps to build a community of fans for your brand. But it’s challenging to find fresh and trending social media content ideas to post daily. Quality content attracts users’ attention and keeps them updated. So, are you confused about how to find fresh content daily? It’s important for us to know what’s actually trending on social media- what engages people more, what they like, and what they share among their friends. One of the effective strategies nowadays is marketing your products through relatable memes. Yes, you read it correctly it’s Meme. especially, the youth finds it more interesting than any other. They like to share the best memes and hence it helps to grow your audience.

Now, How Memes boom social media engagements?

Creating a good meme is not everyone’s cup of tea. For that, you need to update on social media about what’s trending among the meme content. Also, there are factors you need to keep in mind while choosing or creating a good meme content. They are as follow:

1. It should be related to your brand

It’s important to put content that makes sense. Audiences are well-updated these days and also judge you on the content you post. So if they’ll find your post out of context, it’ll degrade your brand image. And hence you’ll lose your audience.

2. It should be up-to-date

The meme you use to create posts shouldn’t be old. It will not help to engage the audience. People show less interest in things when they get old. The same implies while you create a meme. And hence they’ll ignore your post. So, it’s important to be updated.

3. It should engage the audience

Try to make more interactive content. This will make more people interact in your comments and share your post. Resulting in good insights.

Hope will help you to have a basic knowledge about what to post as a meme content.

You may be wondering now, why memes work?

why meme work-best memes of 2020-social media marketing-followedapp

So, first of all, what are memes- memes can be an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. They provide us an efficient way to promote our brand by collecting ideas, emotions, and actions in a conveyable manner. Creating business memes will help you to create a bond with your audience too. 

Now , when it comes to what are the benefits of memes, they are plenty in number. Some of them are stated below for you to have a brief understanding:

  1. Memes are cheap, in fact, free at times. This is the most cost-efficient method of advertising your brand. This ensures a greater return on investment.
  2. Memes give us free content. It’s hard to find fresh content daily these days. Memes provide us with the trending and up to date material. You just have to find the best-suited meme for your brand.
  3. They are easily available. You can find the same meme on Top social media platforms. However, Twitter is typically the place of origin.
  4. They increase audience engagement. Now, increment in technology provides a larger audience. Therefore, increasing the chances of going viral. And yes, you should work with the influencers who already have a built-in audience on the platform. This will contribute to higher levels if website traffic and brand memorability.

After you understood the above points let’s talk about the precaution i.e the things you should avoid while creating a meme.

Memes provide us a great way to connect to the audience but on the other hand, it has hidden risks for a brand. The value of memes is measured from two key points:

1. Humor of the meme

2. The relevance of the meme

Both the points are subjective, it could be funny for one viewer and wickedly offensive by the next. It’s important to keep in mind every context. You can follow up different instagram memes accounts to get new ideas. Try to relate with the most popular memes to come up in the trending feeds.

In order to avoid a fatal mistake on social media for your brand, here are a few tips for you:

  1. Try to keep the meme simple in order to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion. A good meme says allot itself without any further explanation
  2. Avoid taking up a meme related to race, gender, and religion. This only ends up hurting a bunch of audiences if it’s not overtly offensive.
  3. Try to find relatable memes. Don’t push harsh branding. This will eliminate the joy of memes and will look more like an ad.


Here are the best memes of all time, how big brands use the meme for the social media marketing strategy to give their brand a big exposure.


The moment this chips brand got the opportunity of creating a relatable meme, they came up with best! Who’s craving some flamin’ hot Ruffles now?

ruffles-best memes of 2020-social media marketing-followedapp


One of the most recent examples of a successful meme marketing campaign from them is their campaign for the movie Bird Box. With a ton of memes and jokes, they convinced a lot of people to watch this movie.

netflix-best memes of 2020-social media marketing-followedapp


This brand has over 300k followers on their Twitter page and 3 million likes on its Facebook page, BarkBox has managed to grow its audience using a range of relevant and dog-related memes. 

This post is a good example of light-hearted humor:-

barkbox-best memes of 2020-social media marketing-followedapp


Although it’s not 100% sure these memes were user-created or by Apple itself, these memes still have a huge impact on their brand. It not only reached millions worldwide but made AirPods a more desirable item and resulted in being sold out in most Apple stores worldwide.

apple-best memes of 2020-social media marketing-followedapp
apple-best memes of 2020-social media marketing-followedapp

Hope these examples will help you to understand how big brands use the meme marketing strategy too. 

Now when you have a good understanding of memes and how to use them to increase your insights by engaging a huge audience, what are you waiting for? Go and try to make some funny and crisp meme material for your brand to share with your audience! Good luck! 

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