How to Merge Two Facebook Pages Into a Single Page

If you use Facebook marketing then you must have Facebook pages. We have seen a lot of our users asking us how to merge two Facebook pages? This is why we thought we will address this in a public post to benefit community at large.

There are occasional glitches on Facebook that may result in you getting frustrated and having multiple pages. This results in issues with Facebook audience insights reporting and management.

If you happen to have two Facebook Pages that perform the same function and are intended for the same purpose, you might want to merge them together.

Why Merge Two Facebook Pages?

Some of the reasons may include:

  • You created a Facebook Profile for your business instead of a Facebook Page.
  • Your coworkers or employees created multiple fan pages of your business and now it’s confusing which one is official.
  • You lost your admin rights to your Facebook Page so you created a new one. Then you regained your admin rights to your old page and now you have two pages.

What is required?

If you want to merge your pages then there are some requirements that you must fulfill. Here are the three primary ones.

  • Be an admin of both the pages
  • Both pages have similar names and represent the same thing
  • Both pages have the same physical address

Make sure that you don’t have any ad campaigns currently running on the Facebook Page that will be deleted at the time of merging.

Keep in mind that not all Pages will be eligible to merge according to Facebook’s policy. Now, let’s learn how to merge your Facebook Pages.

  • Head over to
  • Type down and select the names of your pages that you want to merge and hit ‘Continue
  • Select ‘Request Merge

Do that and you should be good to go. The duplicate page will be deleted and all the information on that page will be transferred over to your main page.

However, it is very likely that Facebook may not allow you to merge your pages and there may be several reasons for the same.

In this case, there isn’t much you can do except for reaching out to Facebook’s user support team and ask them for direct assistance.

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