How to Successfully Grow Your Business’s Instagram Account: 10 Case Studies

Grow Instagram Business Account

Ten business leaders, including CMOs and CEOs, reveal their strategies for Instagram growth. From leveraging strategic content and engagement to fostering authentic connections with legal insights, these entrepreneurs provide a snapshot of their success stories. Discover the diverse approaches they’ve implemented to expand their digital footprint and enhance their business’s presence on Instagram.

  • Strategic Content and Engagement Growth
  • Showcasing Company Culture Attracts Talent
  • Creating a Living Gallery With Engagement
  • SEO Success Stories Drive Engagement
  • Visual Storytelling Enhances Travel Business
  • Innovative Sticker Ideas Foster Community
  • Capturing Lifestyle Attracts Real People
  • Investing in Quality Content and Engagement
  • Educational Content and Influencer Collaborations
  • Authentic Engagement With Legal Insights

Strategic Content and Engagement Growth

Growing our Instagram @the_write_right has been a strategic blend of quality content, engagement, and leveraging trends.

  • Content Quality – We focused on creating visually appealing, informative, and valuable content. Posts ranged from writing tips and industry insights to behind-the-scenes glimpses of our team, showcasing our expertise and humanizing our brand.
  • Consistency – Regular posting kept our audience engaged. We maintained a content calendar to ensure a mix of posts, stories, and reels, aligning with trending topics.
  • Engagement – We actively interacted with our followers by responding to comments, engaging in DMs, and participating in relevant hashtags and challenges.
  • Collaborations – Partnering with influencers and other brands in our niche helped us reach new audiences and build credibility.

This approach led to a steady increase in followers, higher engagement rates, and more inquiries about our services.

Bhavik Sarkhedi, CMO, Write Right

Showcasing Company Culture Attracts Talent

On our Instagram, @webspero, we’ve found success by offering a behind-the-scenes look at our company culture. We share photos and videos of team events, brainstorming sessions, and even just funny moments around the office. It helps put a face to the brand and lets potential clients see the passionate people they’d be working with. Plus, it helps us attract new talent as well!

Rahul Vij, Co Founder, WebSpero Solutions

Creating a Living Gallery With Engagement

The secret to growing my Instagram (@eric_nine) lies in treating it like a living gallery. Each post isn’t just an image; it’s part of a larger story that connects with people. My artworks often reflect popular urban culture and contemporary relationships, so I make sure every post resonates with real-life experiences. Regularly sharing behind-the-scenes shots, progress videos, and the occasional live painting session allows followers to feel like they’re part of my creative process. 

Engagement is key. I spend time responding to comments and messages, sparking conversations about the themes in my art. Authentic interactions create a sense of community and loyalty. Collaborating with other artists and tagging them can also do wonders, as it introduces your work to their followers. By focusing on these elements, my Instagram has grown into a vibrant, interactive platform where art and audience truly connect.

Eric Nine, Muralist / Fine Artist / Creative Director, Eric Nine

SEO Success Stories Drive Engagement

Our approach to growing our Instagram, @rankwatch_seo, has been multifaceted, emphasizing user engagement and high-quality content. We found that our audience appreciates in-depth tutorials and real-time updates on SEO changes, which we delivered through visually appealing infographics and quick video explainers. This content educated our followers and encouraged them to interact more with our posts, increasing our visibility through Instagram’s algorithms.

A specific campaign that stands out was our “SEO Success Stories” series, where we shared case studies of clients who improved their search rankings through our platform. By tagging these clients and using strategic hashtags, we expanded our reach and built credibility with potential customers who visited our profile. This initiative led to an increase in our follower engagement rate and a noticeable uptick in inquiries about our services, demonstrating the power of targeted content and strategic collaborations on social media.

Sahil Kakkar, CEO & Founder, RankWatch

Visual Storytelling Enhances Travel Business

Building my travel business, Miss Tourist, on Instagram (@misstourist) has been about using visual storytelling and strategic audience engagement. Initially, I focused on sharing high-quality, unique photos from my travels across the 70 countries I visited. I have formed a strong bond with my followers by transparently providing real-time travel updates and behind-the-scenes coverage.

As the community grew, I turned to user-generated content, utilizing strategies such as photo contests and shoutouts to increase engagement and visibility. Consistent, interactive stories and well-targeted hashtags also significantly boosted content discoverability. Furthermore, collaborations with travel influencers and businesses expanded my reach. By continually testing, learning, and optimizing my approach, I grew @misstourist to a successful platform that enhances my business and allows for a deeper connection with my audience.

Yulia Saf, Founder, Miss Tourist

Innovative Sticker Ideas Foster Community

We currently have almost 9k followers for our sticker company’s IG handle, @stickerit_co. Our growth strategy involves sharing innovative sticker ideas that can enhance everyday life. For instance, we post about unique ways to use stickers for organization, decoration, and personal expression.

Furthermore, we stay current with trending topics in pop culture and creatively connect them to our products. Whether it’s a popular TV show, a viral meme, or significant global events, we find ways to integrate relevant themes into our sticker designs, making our content timely, relatable, and engaging. This approach has fostered a strong community of followers who appreciate the relevance and creativity of our posts.

David Rubie-Todd, Co-Founder & Marketing Head, Sticker It

Capturing Lifestyle Attracts Real People

We pivoted from not just showcasing our products but rather capturing the lifestyle on @burning_daily. We started featuring real people and sharing actual customers living their best lives with our products.

We tapped into that 20-something vibe, showing folks hiking with our CBD balms or chilling at music festivals with our vapes.

Then we started to really encourage reviews and user-generated content, which we then reposted—the coolest shots—and suddenly our feed was full of real people enjoying our stuff in real-life situations. People weren’t just seeing products; they were seeing themselves. 

Dennis Sanders, Founder, Burning Daily

Investing in Quality Content and Engagement

Growing Or & Zon’s Instagram page (@orandzon) to have a significant presence required strategic and consistent efforts. First, we decided to invest in high-quality and visually pleasing content, as our handcrafted, premium goods needed representation that resonated with their beauty and value. Second, we actively engaged with our audience by responding to comments, reaching out to influencers in our niche, and running regular giveaways to encourage user-generated content. 

We also leveraged Instagram features like shoppable posts and stories to make shopping accessible straight from the app, enhancing the user experience. Finally, we shared behind-the-scenes content and stories featuring our artisans, going beyond selling and building a community that appreciates artisanal craft and ethical practices. These strategies have seen our follower count rise, driving increased web traffic and conversions.

Guillaume Drew, Founder & CEO, Or & Zon

Educational Content and Influencer Collaborations

Growing our Instagram for Edumentors ( involved a mix of strategic content and active engagement. We focused on creating high-quality, educational posts that resonated with our audience, such as study tips, success stories, and interactive Q&A sessions. Collaborating with influencers in the education space and using targeted hashtags increased our visibility. Engaging consistently with followers through comments and direct messages fostered a strong community. These efforts led to a substantial increase in followers over six months, significantly boosting our brand presence and engagement.

Tornike Asatiani, CEO, Edumentors

Authentic Engagement With Legal Insights

I started growing my Instagram (@andrewpickettlaw) by focusing on authentic engagement with my community. I invested time in understanding what content resonates most with my audience. This included a mix of behind-the-scenes posts, client testimonials, and educational content about personal injury law. Consistency was key; posting regularly helped maintain visibility. I also leveraged posting short Reels and using relevant hashtags to increase my reach.

Andrew Pickett, Founder and Lead Trial Attorney, Andrew Pickett Law

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